Airplanes belong in the air! But for different reasons, they cannot always fly to their new home. We take pride in our global shipping/ containerization services!

We have assisted hundreds of customers from all over the world including: Germany, Russia, China, The Philippines, Sweden, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and more!

With over 25 years of experience, you can trust that your aircraft will be in the hands of the best!




Before we begin, we will need to make sure all arrangements are sorted out. We will need to have a quote approved, a data sheet completed, and will need to know other important information such as:

Is an Export CofA Needed?
Do you need insurance?
Do you have an agent?


To start the physical shipping process, we will need to have the airplane brought to our facility. You can make arrangements to bring the aircraft to us or if you need assistance, we can use our many contacts to help find an experienced ferry pilot. All paperwork will be finalize at this time and any necessary inspections or maintenance will be completed.




At this time, our crew will begin dismantling the aircraft. This can include engine removal, wing removal, fuselage crating, etc. With our experience and knowledge, we will make sure your aircraft is well taken care of!


Once payment is recieved, a container will be ordered. Upon arrival of the container, our crew will begin carefully loading the disassembled aircraft into an ocean rated shipping container, This is a process that we here at Skyview specialize in. We take the greatest care of your precious cargo, making sure all parts and pieces are safe and secure!




Once your container is loaded and ready for pick-up, it will be trucked backed to the Oakland Port for its departure. The container will spend the next weeks on its Ocean Voyage to the final destination. At this time