Skyview Flight Academy offers both

Part 61 and Part 141 Flight Training programs for Domestic & International Students!

Part 61 and 141 programs are both great ways to train! What you choose will depend on your goals as a pilot and your lifestyle, these factors will help determine what option might work best for you!

Part 141 training has more FAA oversight, stricter training guidelines, and additional record keeping requirements. For the added regulations, 141 schools are allowed to slightly reduce the minimum number of required hours for pilot training compared to Part 61 regulations, however typically have more required ground time. To become an FAA approved Part 141 school, schools must create a training course outline for each program, have specific facility requirements, and follow an approved syllabus/ curriculum.

A Part 61 school, on the other hand, can be more flexible with training schedules and has the ability to tailor curriculum to meet individual students training needs. Students will still be taught and learn the same information as Part 141 training, but can have more variability in the sequence it is taught in.

Typically Part 61 is ideal for those with busy schedules who might work or go to school full time or even for those who pursue flying as a hobby. Part 141 students are usually pursing flight training as a career or who are attending flight training in lieu of attending college. International students who are looking to get an I-20 for visa issuance, must go through the 141 Program.

Both programs require the same tests in the end to obtain your license or rating. Students must pass an FAA computer based written exam and oral & practical flight test with a Designated Pilot Examiner.

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